types of bulldog breeds

Types of bull dog breeds

There are several types of bulldog breeds, which include the following:

This breed originated mainly from England. This type of breed is healthy and preserves the safety reactions seen from its strong bonds that it develops with its proprietors and it also protect them from the risks it may come their way. This breed is also famous for its feature of interacting with its youngsters and other animals that surrounds it. This is so despite its hard outside. The American bulldog also have a strongly build muscles with a short rigid layer which is actually easy to bridegroom and maintain.

This breed is a cross between the white English terrier and the popular Boston terrier. It first developed in Boston stables that adhered to the civil war. Their canines however little and small frames are lively and extremely smart. They have tiny ears that bends to the upright on their skulls, sharp and smart expressions. Their color is tuxedo like that is black and white. Dues to its snappy appearance it was nicknamed THE AMERICAN GENT’.


This breed was bred in mid- 1800s by the English gamekeepers. They did this because of their need of a pet that could keep the poachers at bay. The Bull mastiff breed is courageous and very confident. It is also friendly and have a good-looking size and weight estimated to be between 45 – 59 kilograms, its height is about 6 meters that is why it requires a minimum workout. The stars prefer bull mastiff according to the recent research or public figure persons like political leaders and footballers. An example is the former president of the United States of America D. Franklin and the world famous actor director Sylvester Stallone.

It originated from Europe in the early 19th century and it spread to USA by the earliest immigrants. This breed is super-fast because of its athletic nature. This makes it appropriate for the dog spots as well as agility competitions. They have a sturdy head, which is distinctive and weighs about 14 to 27 kilograms. Its height estimated to be 5 to 6 meters. They are generally dedicated to their proprietors and pleasing to unfamiliar people or animals. They are also typically smart which has prompt law enforcement agencies to train and use them to detect weapons and drugs.

Kenn Mollett who was a great breeder introduced this breed in London during the Victorian times. This breed is larger and has a broad strong muscular build and a huge head. The Victorian Bulldogs are silent in nature, faithful and playful. These awesome features makes them prominent and outstanding family selections. However, you will always have the duty of cleaning their deep wrinkles on their faces regularly in order to avoid infection. This breed generally loves attention and responds positively to regular training but they do not actually require any great exercise.

Alapaha Blue Blood reproduced in Georgia in the late 1970s and they named after its origin that is Georgia. Its origin is associated with the pet dogs team which is now extinct, some of these extinct pet dogs include mountain bulldog, native land bull dog and the old southerly white who was found first in 18th century in America. The physical features of this breed include loosened top lip. Large eyes broad head and well body built. It is suitable for households with large or plenty yard room because this bulldog needs everyday exercises. It has several positive abilities and natural herding value this has seen it being renamed a working bulldog. Alapaha Blue Blood is faithful and it ensures safety of its owner and other animals within its surroundings. It also develops a nice relationship with the youngsters.


This is the most preferred breed by the pet owners according to leading kennel club in America. The reason for this is that this bulldog have a charming wrinkly good-looking face and a loving nature. It has a unique feature of muzzle that folds up above the nose. One should cleanse the muzzle on a regular basis to protect it from infections. These canines need regular workouts in order to maintain their healthy weight conditions. They are also delicate to high temperatures and that is why they are suitable for morning and evening walks when the temperatures are a bit favorable. They are friendly to their proprietors, kids and other dogs in its surrounding.

Bull terrier has a fun disposition with lively nature. It maintains good manners and reflects a good concern and care to its proprietor. This breed is friendly to kids and its youngsters though it is advisable to engage them in discipline training ahead of time. This is because at times it may become wild and arrogant and can fight its youngsters. It has a distinctive oval head shape and is preferred for agility competitions.
There are other types of bulldog breeds, which include the American terrier among others.

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