Different types of bulldogs

different types of bulldogs

Different types of bulldogs

American Bulldogs physique is strong, muscular and agile. American Bulldogs was primarily bred as a working dog but over time has been known to be a good family dog. These make wonderful guard dogs with an adult master and his or her family. The dog should be introduced to children at an early age, so they integrate and familiarize themselves with the attitudes of a child and learn to socialize appropriately. A large backyard and roaming grounds will be important for these dogs. Hip dysplasia is a known health problem for older American Bulldogs.

You want to be able to provide the necessary care should the time come to administer appropriate care and treatment for any health-related issues, but you don’t have to worry much about other illnesses that are more common for other breeds since the most common issues American Bulldogs may have are drooling being that they typically are very healthy and strong.

American Bulldogs are certainly a favorite among dog owners today because of the appearance and characteristics. Though it is a unique breed, there are many versions and variations. Hybrids are a process where the race is combined with either variety of bulldogs. All these variations of Bulldogs vary in structure and appearance, but the basic features will be the same.

Standard Breed

Standard American Bulldogs are known as race performance or even the Bulldogs Scott. These dogs are far less wrinkled than the other and have smoother skin around their skull. These dogs look very much like standard pit bulls since they have a broad, flat head. The snout is slightly longer than others, and they are also generally taller. These dogs are often thought of as aggressive, but can also be trained to stop all negative or aggressive traits in them.

Southern Bulldogs

The next variation of American Bulldogs will be the southern breed. These dogs are also known as English white dogs because they are all white. They are wrinkled and more similar to the British variation. Generally, these are believed to be the real variation of bulldogs and are usually bred along with pure varieties.

The Painter

Painter or the Margentina is the next Bulldogs variation you should know about. These are the smallest breed, but even stronger. In the past, these dogs were used in dogfighting games. Presumably, these dogs are considered more aggressive than the other varieties. Often these dogs are bred with pit bulls to make them more aggressive and powerful, but it can also be a myth. The classic version is Johnson. These dogs are the ones that most individuals think of when they think about the Bulldogs. These dogs are quite impressive and have a stunted look. They are also known for their wrinkled lips and face, just what most individuals think of this breed to be.

A hybrid may be a combination of any of these four variants, and often these are healthy dogs. It can often be temperamental types or other health problems in the combinations if breeding fails. Often these dogs can be bred to produce only the traits and characteristics that are needed. Generally, these dogs have fewer health problems or aggression. If you keep these features and attributes of variations of the American Bulldog in mind, it would be easier for you to select the one that works best for you and your family.
They have a short coat that is coarse, and they don’t tend to shed too much. Grooming must begin ideally right when you get your puppy home. These are very energetic and muscular dogs, and when you begin grooming them right at a young age, they will get used to the process easily.

Brushing Your Puppy
American Bulldogs will need to be regularly brushed though they have a short coat. A brush with a soft bristle tends to be the best to ensure that their skin does not get bruised. Avoid using brushes with metal teeth or ones that are too harsh since it increases chances of your puppy getting hurt. Test the brush before you use it on your pet. You should also use a pair of brushing gloves for removing the shed hair easily. An easy way to brush is by starting at the head and going towards the rump since this would be along the fur.

Bathing Your Pet
American bulldogs, like other breeds, will have to be regularly bathed. Most puppies tend to love playing outdoors and may get quite messy you may need to bathe them more often. However, you should know that bathing puppies a little too often may strip off the essential oils and minerals from the skin and this may affect the coat. It is sufficient to bathe them once or twice each month if they don’t get too dirty. Bathing is not too hard since they have short coats. You have to run a bath with hot water or bathe your dog outside using a hose in warm weather. Once soaked in water, apply shampoo and work on the coat. Special shampoos are readily available in pet stores, and you may try a few brands to find out which one works out best for your pet.

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