Difference Between Scott and Johnson American Bulldogs

Difference Between Scott and Johnson American Bulldogs

Difference Between Scott and Johnson American Bulldogs

In the past, American bulldogs were used on farms by the farmer to be able to stand up against a bull. They were looked at as a utility dog. They were also used back then to round up different animals like pigs and to help protect the farmer’s personal property. There are two similar types of bulldogs that are very common and sometimes it can be hard to see the difference between the two. In the article below we will go over some of the distinct differences and similarities between these two versions of the beloved American bulldog.

John D. Johnson was an American bulldog breeder. He preferred a larger type of bulldog that had a slightly undershot lower jaw. His former associate Alan Scott, on the other hand, preferred a breed with a more agile body and a level bite. Most people familiar with these dogs know that there are referred to as classic and standard bulldogs.

These two breeds of dogs were decidedly named after their breeders. They took on their last names to distinguish between the two. It is easy for the untrained eye to not be able to discern the differences between the two. In reality, there are very few things that separate these two closely related breeds. There are some subtle traits that allow us to be able to spot the difference between the two.

Let’s discuss some of the origins. Back in 1970, Johnson was able to breed two American bulldog females to a classic line of the Bulldogs. After a few generations of pups down the line, some of the dogs appeared to be stockier and have necks as big as their heads. The original line of bulldogs came from the line of the Old Southern Whites. These Bulldogs are also known as the White English, and even to this day, some are still used when introducing fresh genetics to other bulldogs when necessary. This is also the way that the two breeds, Scott and Johnson came about.

As far as the general description goes for the classic Johnson bulldog, it is usually found to be white with patches of red, brown or black. The Johnson bulldogs have a stockier body than the Scotts do. The differences do not stop there. Their bones are larger, and the legs extend out to the side of its body. This is similar to its ancestors. You may also notice that this type of dog has wrinkles on its face and an undershot jaw. Johnson bulldogs can weigh up to 120 pounds or more.

Scott bulldogs, on the other hand, are very similar but different in their own ways. They tend to be most often pure white, unlike their counterparts that have red, brown or black spots. A lot of people do say that the Scott bulldog is very reminiscent of an oversized pit bull. Scotts do tend to have longer legs that are positioned under their bodies instead of out to the side. Their nuzzles are longer than the Johnson’s. They have arched necks that are not equal to the size of their heads. This breed of the bulldog has a very sleek and muscular appearance.

They have a strong instinct within them that guides them to chase after prey. This can be looked at as a bad thing if you are wanting to purchase this breed of dog for a family with smaller children. They can even be a bit aggressive to other dogs sometimes. In order to work around this, try to make sure that as a young pup, you take your Scott bulldog to socialize with other dogs in a dog park. This should help lessen the chances of it being aggressive to other dogs.

Of course, these two breeds are not the only type of bulldogs. These are just the two main phenotypes of American bulldogs. Over the many years of breeding these types of dogs, breeders have created additional distinctions. A lot of these additional types are smaller and have their own various differences that make them stand out. Most of these various breeds average a weight of around 55 pounds. Some are even used for fighting. Some other breeds of bulldogs are hybrids between the Scott and Johnson variety, combining some of their best characteristics like; the powerful large head and balanced neck on straight legged, athletic body. The descendants of these two dogs can be found all over with new and distinct individual characteristics.

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